Living in Belgium : Guide for new arrivals in Brussels and Wallonia


I live in Belgium. Do I have a right to health care?

Do I have to sign up for 
a “mutuelle”? What purpose does it serve?

What “mutuelle” should I choose? How much will it cost? How do I join?

How does the reimbursement system work?

What are my rights 
as a patient?

Who should I contact if 
I have a health problem 
or if I don’t feel well?

When should I go to 
the hospital?

What if I become ill at night or on the weekend?

Are there other places 
where I can be treated?

Where can I obtain help for problems related to reproduction and sexuality?

I have trouble sleeping, 
I’m anxious, I’m depressed. Who should I see?

I am disabled. Where can I 
find assistance for my family and myself?

What are the important documents for my health?

telephone numbers?