How can I participate in an association?

There are associations of all kinds: professional, sporting, cultural, social, humanitarian, philosophical and environmental… Some offer training and cultural, creative and citizen activities. This enables people from all communities who live in a neighbourhood to meet each other, get to know each other and live more harmoniously together. There are also associations for citizens of different nationalities, friendly associations, and associations that promote integration and participation in cultural life.

By participating in an association, you will meet other people, and you will participate in the life of your local community or in a social project.

You can become a member or volunteer. Being a volunteer means giving a few hours of your time to an association. A volunteer receives no salary and has no work contract.

[do action=”tips”]Here are some ideas: help disabled persons, help organize a cultural activity, teach a class, hand out brochures, help children with their homework, do the shopping for the elderly, do administrative work, etc.[/do][do action=”more”]For more information about volunteering:[/do]

[do action=”more”]To learn about existing associations:[/do]

[do action=”more”]For youth associations:[/do]

How can I participate in cultural life?

Many artistic and cultural activities are organized. Performances, concerts and exhibits are also held in many municipalities, notably in the 115 cultural centers of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. The Culture department of your local government generally has a schedule of activities in the municipality.

Free newspapers and the events sections of major newspapers also contain rmation. Cultural centers can also rm you about what activities they offer.

There are also a number of museums.

[do action=”tips”]Museums in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation offer free admission one day each month. Some are free all year round.[/do][do action=”tips”]If you receive aid from CPAS or from some associations, you may receive tickets (Article 27), at a reduced price, to attend cultural events.[/do]

You can borrow books from libraries or music CDs and films from media centers.

[do action=”more”]To find a cultural activity or event near you:[/do]

[do action=”more”] For more information, please see the Citizens’ space on the Wallonia-Brussels Federation website:[/do]

What can I do to have fun, relax or play sports?

When weather permits, street fairs, flea markets and music festivals are held all over Brussels and Wallonia.

[do action=”more”]Information about events can be found in free newspapers and in the events sections of major newspapers. A schedule of events and leisure activities can also be found on the web: [/do]

There are opportunities to play a wide variety of sports.

[do action=”more”]For more information: [/do]

Sporting associations near you can provide rmation about what activities they offer.

[do action=”more”]Most municipalities have a “Sports & Leisure” or “Tourism” page on their website.[/do][do action=”more”]To learn (even) more: consult the “Citizens” space on the Wallonia-Brussels Federation website: (under “Leisure” or “Tourism & Sport”) as well as the French Community Commission website (Cocof):[/do]