Living in Belgium


Adapting to a new society and finding your place can be challenging. Upon arrival, you will be faced with many changes, and you will probably experience many things you have never encountered before.

Finding your place in Belgium can take time, especially if you do not have the right information and if you do not know your rights, your obligations and the procedures you have to follow.

With this guide, “Living in Belgium”, we want to provide you with basic information about how our society functions and make your first steps easier. This guide will also tell you where you can find useful information and further support.

We know that it will not answer all of your questions, but we are convinced that this guide will clarify how Belgian society works and hope that it will help you take your first steps in getting settled here.

We hope you will enjoy reading this information.

  • Fadila LAANAN

    Minister of Culture, Audiovisual Affairs,Health and Equal Rights,Wallonia-Brussels Federation

  • Eliane TILLIEUX

    Walloon Minister for Social Action,Public Health and Equal Rights


    Minister, Member of the Board of theFrench Community Commission (Cocof),responsible for Social Cohesion

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